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Holistic Mental
Health Counseling

get unstuck + cultivate unshakable resilience

Everything you need is already inside of you

just waiting to be discovered.

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you might be struggling with...



Hi! I'm Dr. Rachael Muster, founder of Namasday Wellness Counseling. I know getting started on a healing journey can be overwhelming and you don't have to do it alone.


In fact, we are wired for connection. I founded Namasday Wellness because I want everyone to have someone who believes in their profound, innate strength.  

At Namasday, we offer individualized, evidence-based treatment modalities to help you navigate your healing journey.


Our helping philosophy is founded on our belief that real growth happens when people possess knowledge and feel empowered to create meaningful change in their lives.


Are you ready?  

We help people tap into their innate ability to heal, recover, and grow from adversity.

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Counseling from the comfort of your home.

Services Designed to Help You:

Feel validated, understood, & supported. 

Identify, shift, + reconstruct self-limiting beliefs.

Get unstuck, overcome adversity, & develop purposeful goals. 

Feel empowered to create meaningful change.

Improve mental flexibility, focus, and mindset.

Learn strategies to manage stress, anxiety, and overwhelm. 

Reframe challenges and adversity as opportunities to learn and grow.

Cultivate resilience and tap into your greatest potential.


What People Say

"If you are looking for someone who will offer genuinely caring and honest support, who will work with you at your own pace no matter what your goals or priorities are, I would recommend Rachael. She is dedicated, warm, and utilizes a creative approach to her work with clients. I have learned a lot about myself thanks to her and feel fortunate to have her as part of my support system. She is incredible."

"If everything around you seems dark,
look again,
you may be the light."

- RUMI  - 

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